Retirement Readiness

Just as the name implies, pre-retirees are those clients considering or preparing to retire. It could be a few years away or just around the corner. Either way, retirement is a major life-changing event and should be considered carefully. Here's a list of questions many of our clients have that we help answer.

  • Do we have enough money to retire? 
  • How much income can we take from our investments each year? 
  • When should we start collecting social security?
  • What happens to our investments and retirement income if my spouse becomes ill?
  • How can we pay for nursing home care if it's needed?
  • Are our investments too risky or too conservative? Does the allocation fit my retirement needs?
  • Are there other types of investments we don't know about?
  • What happens if there is another recession during our retirement?

If you're thinking about retirement, chances are you have these same questions. You may find general answers online, but you won't find the answers that apply to just you and your situation. If you have these questions and others about retirement, contact us today to start the conversations. 

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